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'Alfaro Design LLC' was created and launched to supply boat manufacturers, yacht designers, naval architects and custom boat buyers with a technical and creative resource that compliments existing design teams or serves as a full-service design center. Whether it be design, modeling, drafting, or consulting, Alfaro Design is uniquely positioned to meet their needs - short or long term.

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Sight for Sore Eyes

It’s February, 2019, and I’m touring the Miami International Boat Show on a beautiful opening day. The venue is covered in a sea of modern, contemporary designs, more than I’ve ever witnessed in the 32 years I’ve been attending this show. As I’m walking along the docks, over yonder I could see the Chris Craft […]

Beyond Protected Waters

I often hear from builders in the industry today that vessels of ‘classic’ design no longer appeal to today’s prospective customer’s, that the people who once appreciated conservative styling are slowing fading away.  However, after reading social media forums recently it is reassuring to learn from a large population of experienced boaters that indeed timeless […]

The Beauty of a ‘Classic’

As a small-craft naval architect, it’s no surprise to those who know me that when I’m in the presence of classic boats my personality seems to change.  Whether in a marina or in the pages of the latest boating publication I can’t disguise the enjoyment I experience when finding myself absorbed by the beauty of […]

New Custom Hard Top – M/Y ‘Berada’

Alfaro Design has created a new custom hard top for the owner of ‘Berada’, a 98′ MCP motor yacht as part of it’s Yacht Customization Services.   Working in collaboration with Foster’s Yacht Services in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., the new top features a light, fiberglass composite construction utilizing vacuum infusion to provide strength and stiffness while minimizing weight. […]

New Product Development and a Lean Methodology

To remain profitable in today’s highly competitive pleasure boat market requires an organization to operate at a consistent level of efficiency and to deliver a repeatable level of high quality.  In order to do so requires a commitment by the company to take action, shift away from the present culture and begin taking steps where measurable improvements in quality […]